AMiNIMiga - Workbench 3.9 for the Amiga 500 Mini

Workbench on the Amiga 500 Mini

We do not want to host it here but we have become aware of a fully loaded Workbench for the Amiga 500 Mini.

It is, at the time of writing, a zip file just under 2Gb and all you have to do is download the zip file and extract its contents to a USB memory stick. Selecting AMiNIMiga from the USB memory stick will launch workbench with a huge wealth of software.

Click here for more info:

AMiNIMiga Workbench on the Amiga 500 Mini

DO NOT PAY FOR AMiNIMiga except via . The person who put it together has not charged anyone for doing so.
However others have taken this zip file, copied it to a memory stick costing perhaps $/€/£5 and are charging around 10 times that for mostly someone elses effort.